Bar and Service Staff

We are excited to offer “Bottle Service” – event bartending packages and service staff specializing in backyard weddings. After years of coordinating weddings of all shapes and sizes, we understand the importance of good service staff (and of course the almighty BAR!). At-home weddings, especially, have a need for fun, hard working event staff who are flexible, and know how to make guests feel safe and taken care of.

We know clients like transparent, simple pricing, so we are keeping it easy with all-inclusive packages (trust us- we know what you need and what you don’t!) but of course, we are happy to work with you on creating something custom for your needs, so just holler at us with questions!


Also known as, just the bartender.

One bartender comes with all the tools they need (openers, shakers, mats, towels etc). You get them for up to 5 hours of bartending service, and as long as is needed for clean up and breakdown. No hidden charges, no confusing hourly rate. We have all the necessary insurance and boring stuff you need. We will give you a handy-dandy tip sheet on how much of everything you should buy, and what other bar supplies you will need to provide.


(Up to 50 guests, larger events may require more staff)


Your mom loves vodka and your uncle only drinks Coors Light.

The Korbel gets you The Andre plus everything you need for a basic bar EXCEPT the booze.

  • Basic mixers (coke, cranberry juice, tonic etc)
  • Garnishes
  • Ice, with tubs and coolers
  • Water station 
  • Unlimited disposable cups, straws and napkins
  • Custom shopping list for alcohol


(Up to 50 guests, additional costs for larger events)


You’re fancy huh? We love a good craft cocktail too.

With this package you get everything in The Andre and The Korbel PLUS

  • We help you design your bar menu including 3 custom signature cocktails
  • Upgraded mixers – all the fancy syrups, bitters and garnishes needed for craft cocktails
  • Custom framed menu


(Up to 50 guests, additional costs for larger events)


Popular package add-ons

  • Alcohol procurement
  • Servers, bar backs and additional event staff
  • Bar and glassware rentals