Who We Are

The Backyard Wedding Collective is a group of talented, experienced vendors in Southern California. We’re here to save weddings. We’re
here to help you celebrate the way you deserve.

We are coordinators, photographers, florists, caterers and more.
We love love. We live and breathe weddings. When the Coronavirus crisis began, our worlds fell apart! The BWC was born out of necessity
and out of passion- but it represents so much more than a pandemic-time solution. It represents bringing wedding back to their roots. And embracing the idea that celebrating love doesn’t require years of planning or giant budgets. It just takes some coordination and an intimate celebration of family fueled by lots of love…and a little cake and champagne too.

The Collective’s Commandments

Everyone deserves to get married

The cost of your wedding does not determine the value of your marriage

We believe in family. The one you were born with, the one you choose, and the one you are creating by getting married

The wedding industry is here to serve, not to judge

We are here to create, support, inspire and execute lifelong memories